Wednesday, September 16, 2015


Photo Credit: Deviant Art
You can zig, and you can zag, but lightning kills about 30 people in the US each year, and more in Florida than in any other state. Of the 25 lightning deaths reported by the National Weather Service (NWS) already this year, five have occurred in Florida.

Saturday, July 4, 2015

Welcome to East Jesus, CA

A half-buried bus named Walter greets visitors to East Jesus, a self-sustaining art community in the Southern California desert.
Overlooking the Salton Sea in the shadow of mature Ironwood trees rests a man still much loved. The former “mayor” of East Jesus, a fenced community of free-roaming, ever-rotating artists, musicians, scientists and builders located on the far western edge of Slab City, Charlie Russell rests in peace. Read More...

Catalina's Calling

Avalon's harbor and Catalina Casino from the Inn at Mount Ada.
Santa Catalina Island, one of the Channel Islands, (but not included in the Channel Islands National Park), lies 22 miles off the southern California coast. though it is privately owned by the Santa Catalina Island Company, it's accessible by private boat or ferried that leave from Long Beach and Dana Point. 

You can get there, to what locals call the "Interior," by obtaining a hiking permit and trekking the 37-mile (one way, 74 miles round-trip) Trans-Catalina Trail, or by purchasing a ticket to ride on the SafariBus.I should clarify: the island’s two port towns are accessible to the public. The rest of the island is not. Not, at least, without a permit. Read More...

Whiskey in the White House

The Washington homestead at northern Virginia's George Washington Birthplace National Monument.
"George Washington slept here!" And he did, too. Truth be told, he slept there as well. And there. What can I say? The man got around. With four family homes, you’d expect as much. He was partial to the spirits, too, but I’ll get to that.
Mount Vernon, 15 miles south of Washington, D.C., is perhaps the most known of his homes. It also happens to be the most popular historic estate in America, drawing over a million visitors annually. Read More...

Altadena: A Rustic Los Angeles

L.A. smog over Altadena, 15 miles northeast in the San Gabriel foothills.Author Zane Grey said, "In Altadena I have found those qualities that make life worth living." 
Walking down Mariposa Street, “Millionaire’s Row,” where Grey’s home still stands – past the over-sized craftsman-style bungalows and through Janes Village, the English cottage-style homes set back behind fences and overgrown hedges as an affordable housing option for the town founded on Victorian opulence – you’d never suspect that anything but easy, quiet living transpired in this small community. Read More...