Tuesday, December 15, 2015

The Queen Mary's Sir Winston's Smoking Deck

The iconic 1936 British ocean liner in the California sunshine.

There is no smoking on the Queen Mary. Signs are posted everywhere stating just that. So, when we arrived at the topmost deck to dine at the luxurious Sir Winston's Restaurant and Lounge, I noted the rather large glass front humidor.
“Are those for sale?” I asked.
The tall waiter raised an eyebrow at me, wondering if I had asked because I, myself, indulge. I smiled and shrugged, not feeling the need to explain my inquiry.
“Uh, yes, they are,” he answered, still considering the type of gal I might be.
“But, there’s no smoking allowed on board,” I offered. He smiled hugely at this comment.
“True, there isn’t. Except for this portion of the deck right here.” The young man gestured to me where I might smoke a cigar if I so chose. “And on the bow.” (Read more...)

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